GPS Partnership with Stokes Pharmacy

GPS has announced that Mount Laurel, New Jersey based Stokes Pharmacy will be the first beta site running iFill. GPS and Stokes Pharmacy will partner to introduce iFill to the veterinary industry. GPS has selected Stokes Pharmacy because Stokes Pharmacy is already a thought-leader in the compounding industry. Stokes has invested heavily in ways to address the challenges faced by compounding pharmacies and, in turn, the veterinarians that rely on Stokes. iFill is helping Stokes Pharmacy and those prescribing partners meet these challenges head-on.

"For more than a decade, Stokes Pharmacy has made it a priority to offer the best combination of customer service, product quality and leading-edge technologies to our prescribers and patients." Says Michael Tursi, co-owner and CEO of Stokes Pharmacy. "We're excited to be working with GPS, and we're especially looking forward to being the first pharmacy to partner with GPS and roll out iFill together."

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