iFill keeps you in compliance with the dynamic regulatory environment surrounding Compounded medications.

Answering the hard questions about prescribing compounds

Q: My Board of Veterinary Medicine guidelines are pretty clear when it comes to what my practice can and cannot do when prescribing - why should I be concerned?
A: Compounded medications fall under the purview of multiple regulatory institutions. The compounding pharmacy that is providing the drug must follow state and federal rules for how it distributes preparations. There is a high potential for conflicting regulations. When prescribing compounds, your team needs to be aware of the statues handed down, not only by your state Board of Veterinary Medicine, but also the state and federal regulations around those compounded medications.

Q: Can iFill really keep me in compliance?
A: iFill is designed to aggressively address each state's regulatory environment. We cannot guarantee 100% compliance at all times, but our efforts will take a considerable load off your staff. The system simply will not allow your users to do something that conflicts with the relevant regulations.

Q: I know what my practice does every day, but I don't know how the state 'labels' those activities. What's the difference between ordering for the office, dispensing and re-selling?
A: It's important that you understand the subtle differences between these definitions. Each state is at liberty to define your actions in their own statutes and understanding how the state interprets those actions is paramount for maintaining compliance. The state board of pharmacy, who oversees compounding pharmacies may or may not define your actions in exactly the same way as your board of veterinary medicine.

Q: What specifically does iFill do to address these issues
A: iFill's mission is two-fold. Help your staff avoid compliance pitfalls by preventing actions that are prohibited by your state. Additionally iFill is designed to increase the visibility, metrics, reporting for compounded medications. It is our hope that as iFill becomes more popular, states will recognize it's value in promoting safe and effective prescription and dispensing of compounded medications.

Q: So what is and isn't legal in my state?
A: The state regulations are the only place to get a complete answer. But the most relevant issue is that while it depends on your state, it's most likely that re-selling compounded medications is not legal. Compounded medications must be prescribed/ordered in the name of a specific patient.

Q: So why have I been able to do this for so long if it's not in compliance with regulations?
A: For years, in some states, prescribers and pharmacies alike have been illegally re-selling compounded medications to patients. Your staff should be aware of the state regulations. Neither lax oversight nor ignorance of regulations is not a valid justification

Q: Is there a single place I can go to read these statues for myself?
A: No. Each state maintains its own regulations. There is no consolidated source for Board of Veterinary Medicine and Board of Pharmacy regulations. Most states have published their regulations on the internet, but keeping up to date is a manual, cumbersome and tedious process.

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