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iFill Users and Accounts

You can register your facility for an iFill account here. Each member of your staff who will be using iFill will have their own account.


Prescribers are the main users of iFill. They are typically the users who have proper state and DEA (if applicable) licenses and are legally allowed to prescribe. We will collect information about your prescriber accounts with this form.

For each prescriber account we will need:

  • First and Last name
  • Discipline / Title
  • State License Numbers for each State license held
  • DEA # (if applicable)
  • Email Address - email address must be unique for each user. This will be their user name to access the system and cannot be shared across users.

Authorized Users:

Authorized users will typically be the vet technicians, administrators, essentially anybody who is not a prescriber but will be accessing iFill.
Authorized users can use iFill to submit a prescription on behalf of a prescriber. Just like when they call prescriptions into a pharmacy on behalf of a prescriber.

For each authorized user account we will need:

  • First and Last Name
  • Discipline / Title
  • State License Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address - email address must be unique for each user. This will be their user name to access the system and cannot be shared across users.
  • Prescribers for whom this authorized user is allowed to submit prescriptions

Flex Dollars = Educational Benefits

As you prescribe certain drugs, flex dollars are added to a balance that is available to your practice and at your discretion for educational or marketing purposes. These drugs are easily identified in iFill and are typically the most popular items offered by the participating pharmacy. Additionally iFlex or mFlex drugs are offered with discounted and expedited shipping.

Billing options

iFill is designed to fit your practice's business model. Billing clients is a sensitive topic and most practices treat the topic with caution and care. Normally a compounded prescription is tossed over the wall to the pharmacy with little opportunity for follow-up, unless countless hours are spent on the phone or babysitting the fax machine.

iFill offers a variety of billing options for your clients and account types for your practice. When all is said and done, the pharmacy needs to be compensated for their products, but your practice can benefit from iFill as well.


  • Use of checks is accepted by some pharmacies with an approved account and terms which is typically net 30
  • While checks start as paper note, nearly all checks ultimately end up as an electronic transaction (ACH) using electronic reader (MICR) by your pharmacy or bank.

Credit Card

  • iFill securely processes all credit card transactions for most major credit cards using encrypted connections between you and iFill.
  • iFill then sends payment to your pharmacy using ACH ensuring quick, secure payment

Automated Clearing House(iDebit)

  • ACH, also known as e-check are the most economical payments for all parties
  • ACH keeps your bank account secure since your account information (written on the bottom of every paper check) is never exposed to the pharmacy or anyone else opening mail or depositing checks.
  • Organizations are notified 3 business days before withdraw, and provided an exact amount due.
  • ACH transactions occur predictably on the same day every month (excluding holidays/weekends)


  • You may want to still use your own in-house billing system, and we have that covered too.
  • iFill will account for this and bill your organization using one of the methods above.

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