iFill helps your practice navigate regulatory environment surrounding compounded medications. Your iFill account is automatically configured to match the regulations in your state.

A Dynamic Regulatory Environment

Dynamic is defined as being in the state of constant change or progress. The regulatory environment surrounding the dispensing of compounded medications is, at best, dynamic. Veterinarians and practice managers are left to navigate the environment with little assistance. When prescribing compounded medications, different and sometimes conflicting sets of rules can come into play. Compounding pharmacies are primarily overseen by their state's board of pharmacy as well as at the national level.

The regulations for veterinarians are typically administered by a state's Board of Veterinary Medicine. And, in most cases, the rules for prescribing and dispending medications are set by that board. Those rules, however, can conflict with the rules that compounding pharmacies must follow.

As a result This leaves you in the dark and with plenty of questions when it comes to prescribing and dispensing compounded medications.

Is my practice in compliance?

The short answer... 'It depends.' It depends on your state. It also depends on your ability to stay on top of the regulations for compounded medications as they apply to both prescribers and pharmacies. Each state has the flexibility to apply their own regulations to pharmacy and veterinary practices. Every successful practice spends quite a bit of time and resources to make sure they are staying in compliance with state regulations. However, there are times when rules are unknown or overlooked and pharmacies and prescribers engage in activities that are, in-fact not in compliance. Just because something has been done in the past and there were no ramifications does not mean that it is legal. Sometimes common practices, that even make sense, are illegal. Pharmacies and prescribers need to put compliance above complacency.

How does iFill help?

iFill was designed from the ground up to support compounded medications. It is an effective tool for both the pharmacy and the prescriber. iFill has been designed with checks and restrictions and as a hosted cloud application is can be a very dynamic application. It is aware of each state's regulations as they apply to compounded medications and it is regularly updated so that compliance is greatly enhanced. All with little or no effort by the prescribers using the system. iFill simply does not allow its users to do something that their state regulations prohibit.

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